Ministries: The Four Pillars

Saint Dominic de Guzman established the Order of Preachers in the early thirteenth century. He founded the Order, which today bears his name, to bring Sacred Truth to a world in which the message of salvation was not being preached to the faithful in a clear and convincing manner.

Through a common life of prayer and study, these friars went forth to preach and teach Sacred Truth—in taverns, in universities, in churches: anywhere the Truth was not clearly heard and understood.

Today, the Dominican Friars of Saint Vincent Ferrer and Saint Catherine of Siena Churches and Priory (New York City) continue this vision of our founder: Holy Father Dominic. As a community of Dominican Friars, we proclaim the Gospel of Salvation in four distinct areas and apply the Gospel message to the needs of the various congregations we serve.

Otherwise known as The Four Pillars the ministries of the Dominican Shrine of Saint Jude are these: 1) add to the spiritual life of all who frequent Saint Vincent Ferrer & Saint Catherine of Siena Church; 2) pray for the clients of Saint Jude Thaddeus and the needs and intentions recommended to us; 3) support both the Dominican Friars and the laity who minister to the sick in the four hospitals which surround Saint Catherine of Siena Church; and 4) sponsor the Dominican Friars Health Care Ministry of New York [DFHCMNY] by providing pastoral care to health professionals: physicians, nurses, clergy, women and men religious, support staff as well as patients and their families. Also, the Dominican Friars provide educational opportunities for administrators, physicians, allied health care professionals, nurses, seminarians, and parishioners, emphasizing Catholic health care ethics and Catholic moral theology in health care.