Health Care Ethics Ministry

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) there are six values in 
medical ethics. They are: (1) autonomy — the patient has the right to refuse or choose their treatment; (2) beneficence — a practitioner should act in the best interest of the patient; 
(3) non-malfeasance — first, do no harm; (4) justice — concerns the distribution of scarce health resources, and the decision of who gets what treatment (fairness and equality); (5) dignity — the patient (and the person treating the patient) have the right to dignity; and, (6) truthfulness and honesty — the concept of informed consent.

Following these guidelines, the Dominican Friars provide for the promotion of these six values with Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University’s medical students. This occurs in regular small group-discussion opportunities as real hospital situations arise which can bring classroom learning 
into conflict with a medical student’s conscience.

The Dominican Friars of Saint Catherine of Siena Priory provide pastoral care to health professionals: physicians, nurses, clergy, women and men religious, support staff as well as patients and their families.

Also, the Dominican Friars provide educational opportunities for administrators, physicians, allied health care professionals, nurses, seminarians, and parishioners, emphasizing Catholic health care ethics and Catholic moral theology in health care.